Sound + Technology


We provide total solution targeting on all related applications, including integrated hardware/software module. All these come with accompanied SDK, key word pattern generation/training model. Design service to help speeding up product design is also available upon request.

Representative product 1

Intelligent speaker voice front-end solutions

Microphone array microphone array is a remote field voice interaction scheme developed for B terminal customers with independent knowledge products. Based on the spatial filtering characteristics of microphone array, the directional sound pickup beam is formed by the Angle positioning of wakening person, and the noise outside the beam is suppressed to ensure high recording quality.

We provide demo board based on A113X (ARM cortexA54 x4)platform, consists of Microphone array board, main board and the amplifier board. The DC power supports 8~18v, 1A input. WIFI/BLE, UART, USB firmware update and stereo output ports are supported; The main board has 512MB flash and 512MB RAM. The demo microphone arrays include circular 6+1 microphones of 4cm/2cm radius, circular 3 microphones of 3.75cm radius, dual/3/4/8 microphones linear type arrays.

Representative product2

Signal processing solutions for wireless earphone

We embed acoustic echo cancellation, sound source localization and noise suppression in the TWS earphone, providing high quality speech under harsh noisy environment. This solution has already been employed in a famous CE TWS earphone product.