Sound + Technology

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    At Home

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    In Car

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    On the road


In the living room

In the kitchen

Smart TV: High voice recognition accuracy is necessary for user to interact with Smart TV. Moreover, the solution must be of low power consumption to meet the standby power standard.

Set-top box: Spot on and the voice interaction at various distance can easily be implemented with our solution.

Smart Loudpeaker: Our multi-mic solution guarantee outstanding recognition performance, even under strong external/internal interference and at various working distance. We also have rich experience in speaker structure design to provide high quality music reproduction. The total system can be ported to various hardware platform swiftly. Low power solution is also available.

Smart Kitchen : The solution can be easily integrated with all kinds of smart housewares, such as smart switch, cleaning robot, kitchen assistant, etc. KWS function with low-power requirement.

At the office

In the restaurant

In the mall

PC/Laptop: KWS must work in the complicated acoustic environment. We provide always-on feature together with low power solution.

Conference Terminal: To pin-point speaker’s direction and capture clear voice.

The voice interaction robot used at airport, bank, hotel and museum etc., will be a lot more intelligent with Sound+ solution inside.

In the car

On the Bus

On the train

Smart Car: To realize “hands-on-steering wheel” when driver be able to operate navigation system, in-vehicle entertainment, communication using his/her voice only.

Mobile phone/pad: Our low power solution will enable user to communicate with these devices in the mobile/noisy scenario. The integrated AEC, AGC and noise suppression modules can provide smooth conversation experience in these noisy environment.

On noisy street

Strong wind condition

Earphone/TWS application: Combining the algorithms like echo cancellation, sound source locating, and wind noise suppression, we provide high quality communication and sound reproduction under noisy condition with the ever smaller TWS earphone.

Wearable Device: We offer Ultra-low power consumption version of our solution to enable clear voice pickup, for these mini devices, under complex noise conditions.